The Birth of Q|A in Floral & Fro...

Hi it's Quilenthia!! This time last year, if you would of told me I would be a Fabric Host in 2019, I would of just laughed and laughed. Since then things have changed. I have replaced my laughs with seriousness and determination because oer the course of the past few months and even before then, there has been a vast amount of non-inclusion within the sewing world. Just about every week a Fabric Company or Pattern Company was being called out and cancelled for not properly representing the POC communtiy. Incident after incident left me broken in many ways than one. This fight became exhausting. Our cries for representation  continued to be unheard and inturn has been labeled drama by many. Wanting to be included is not drama. This is our daily life, our daily struggle to be seen as equals. After a recent incident involving a host I called friend, I came to the realization that only YOU can fully represent YOU. Thus Q|A Fabrics was born!


I was inspired to debut Q|A with Floral & Fro because these fabrics look like YOU, they look like ME,  my girls, nieces, cousins.  We too are beautiful and deserve to be showcased on fabric just as much as others. Plus I am FLORAL OBSESSED!!!

To often we see just one token poc character on fabric. My goal is too break that chain by encapsulating as many shades of brown black as I can.


Now lets talk patterns!!  In this photo above to the left, I am wearing Ellie & Mac"s Womens Reversible Dress which can be found here. The version I chose to do features princess seams which allowed for me to display the cotton lycra Women's Pink Panel with the pink cl floral perfectly on the bodice. Love it! My sister in the right image, is wearing Aria. This is a Seamwork pattern and can be found here. I did have to modify the pattern piece to fit the panel by removing a half inch from the length. The Womens light face on woven was used and the pink watercolor stripes. 

 The girls outfits were my favorite to make. Every time they looked at the little girls face on the panel they would say, "she looks like me". These words made my heart skip.😭 

Willow to the left, is wearing one of my favorite patterns from Simple Life Pattern Company, named Adelyn. The sleeves are in the pink floral on cl, the bodice is the dark skintone on pink cl, and the skirt is the watercolor stripes. Nova is in the middle and she is wearing Love Pattern #9.2. This one is another one of my favorites and shows off the floral on woven so well!! The bodice is also woven featuring the medium skin tone. Heaven to the right, is wearing Marlee from Violet Field Threads. The bodice is made from the dark skintone little girl on white woven. Her side straps are the pink watercolor stripes. 

So much fun was had getting these. I hope you enjoy this first round of fabrics as much as I do! Pre-order ends on April 22nd. Be on the lookout for more photos from the Q|A Sewist!! 


  • L

    These are so beautiful! Congratulations! I always admire your choices on the Ellie and Mac site :)

  • Shana

    I am so in love with these panels. In this era, we need all of the inclusivity we can get. Superb job!!!! Can’t wait to make my daughter something awesome with this panel.

  • Tamara Gwathmey

    So very proud of you woman! Looking forward to more of your beautiful work. Dont forget about my grandson who loves cars and trucks! Blessings!!

  • Aless

    These are really beautiful! It’s lovely that your girls can now see themselves in fabric patterns. Your coordinating fabric choices are wonderful. Good luck for your business.

  • Ginger Pahos

    Love this. Riding for a sweet young friend who spend too much time in the hospital. Any idea of a purple solid or stripe that would match she’s not a pink gal but loves purple. I want to make this a perfect pick me up for a young adult.

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